Advanced PureAir Air Shield Air Purifier

Advanced PureAir Air Shield Air Purifier
Advanced PureAir Air Shield Air Purifier Review


The Advanced PureAir Air Shield Air Purifier is a state of the art air purifier that employs a 9-step air pollution detection, analysis, filtration, and sanitization system.

This best air purifier has high-tech air quality and diagnostic sensors. Its effectiveness spans a large area covering up to 800 square feet.

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Diagnostic sensors play a major role in routine maintenance, for example, they indicate when to change filters.

The advanced air purifier comes with great accessories including 4-mode automatic timer function, LCD control panel among others.

The following are the awesome features associated with the Advanced PureAir Air Shield Air Purifier: Ultra quiet 5-speed fan.

The best air filter has a powerful fan that effectively cleanses and moves the air in all office and household environments with its 9-step detection, analysis, and filtration & sanitization system.

Activated Carbon Filter By and large, the most efficient filter optimally designed for absorbing noxious odors, hazardous chemical fumes, and toxic gases.

Some of the common things filtered include toilet odors, paint fumes, and cigarette smoke.

High-Performance HEPA Filter Uses one of most effective technologies to filter all airborne particles and that makes it essential for those suffering from asthma and allergies.

The filter can capture minute particulars as tiny as 0.3 microns taking care of almost all pollutants and harmful airborne germs including bacteria, pollen, and dust.

Its effectiveness stands at an astounding 99.97%. UV (Ultraviolet Light) Irradiation The UV light destroys the molecular structures of airborne germs including those of viruses, bacteria, and mold rendering them harmless to the human body.

Numerous agencies both private and government, for example, C.D.C (Centers for Disease Control), recommends its use.

Advanced Sanitizers The advanced air filter comes with dual germicidal sanitizers known as the Photo Catalyst Nano-TiO2.

They assist in suppressing the growth of dangerous microorganisms like household dust mites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold as well as a variety of odors.

Anion Continuous (-ve) Ion Generation of these negatively charged ions helps in putting back the healthy air cleansing naturally occurring properties that urban settings rob the mother nature.

These ions are overwhelmingly effective at reducing fatigue, combating airborne infections, decreasing carbon monoxide levels and clearing smoke.

Automated System Mode Depending on the air quality in the surroundings, the automated system automatically adjusts the operational settings of the air purifier to effectively handle any impurities in the air.

Therefore, when the air is clean, the purifier responds accordingly to save on electricity and vice versa when the air has impurities.

Bottom line As seen from the above discussion, the Advanced PureAir Air Shield Air Purifier is one of best air purifiers there is – if not the best air purifier.

Being able to adjust itself, clean almost all none impurities from the air including very tiny ones and have great accessories makes the air purifier a must-have item.

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