Avanti DWE1801B Built-In Dishwasher

Avanti Model DWE1801B Built-In Dishwasher

Avanti Model DWE1801B Built-In Dishwasher Review


In order to maintain cleanliness of various kitchen appliances people usually search for the best dishwashers.

If you are one of them then Avanti DWE1801B Built-In Dishwasher can be ideal for you.

The dishwasher reviews provided in this write-up can be very helpful for you in making a well informed decision to buy it.

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  • 8 standard settings to place kitchen appliances
  • Interior made of stainless steel
  • Two wash racks coated with nylon
  • Three stage filtering system
  • One piece basket made of silverware

Design of Avanti dishwasher

The DWE1801B dishwasher has a bit simple looks as expected form a budgetary appliance.

But still it can be placed in a modern as well as a traditional kitchen due to its sleek design.

Exterior: The all black front exterior made of thin metal looks great with a small buried-in handle underneath the controls by the side of the white Avanti logo near the top.

Interior: Its interior is worth your money as it is made of corrosion resistant and sound reducing stainless steel.

Its tall tub provides more space than average dishwashers in this range.

Both the wash racks get batter water coverage with its two spray arms.

The eight standard settings on both the nylon coated racks, with adjustable height, offer enough space to fit your kitchen appliances.

Moreover it has a removable silverware basket for cutlery and a shelf for cups.

Controls: The panel of electric controls including six indicator lights and three push buttons for various settings is provided on the front side of this dishwasher.

These buttons may include On/Off button for power it on or off, Start/Reset button for starting and resetting the wash cycle of the unit and Prog button for selecting its wash cycle for different load types, shown through dedicated indicators.

These cycles may include 125 minutes for heavy load, 95 minutes for normal loads, 85 minutes for light loads and 65 minutes for speed washing.

3-stage Filter System: It helps in preventing the blockage of drain by capturing the food particles in it.

It includes main filter, coarse filter and fine filter to strain out even the tiniest food particle.


Avanti DWE1801B is also provided with a user manual


The company assures the quality if this dishwasher with a 1-year limited period warranty.


Avanti DWE1801B Built-In Dishwasher reviewed in this write-up can be an ideal kitchen appliance for you due to its various positive features like good performance and sizeable interior.

But it has some negative aspects also like delicate front and simple design. Still it can be the best option for budgetary people.

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