Blomberg DV17542 Vented Dryer

Blomberg DV17542 Vented Dryer

Blomberg DV17542 Vented Dryer


Doing laundry is fun when you have the right machines.

After washing your clothes, you need a dryer that will get the job done perfectly.

Now, there are many brands of dryers in the market, but you deserve the best.

Here is a clothes dryer review on Blomberg DV17542.

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  • Blomberg DV17542 vented dryer comes with two types of controls: automatic and adjustable.
  • Therefore, if you feel the automatic feature is not good enough, you can always alter the settings to fit your needs.
  • It also contains 15 programs making it such a worthwhile tool to invest in.
  • You can do a lot of things with this clothes dryer, including damp drying, permanent press, and refreshing clothes.
  • Besides, it works well on a variety of fabrics including jeans, cotton, and shirts.
  • The drum function is bidirectional to ensure your clothes dry uniformly.
  • You do not want to wear your jeans with wet pockets.
  • Besides, the drum is stainless meaning clothes will not get unsightly marks from the dryer.
  • The stainless construction also keeps the machine shining at all times.
  • If you are looking for a clothes dryer that minimizes creasing then Bloomberg DV17542 vented dryer is what to buy.
  • Its automatic anti-creasing feature is responsible for that.
  • The glass door makes this tool even more elegant and it will definitely add aesthetic value to your laundry room.
  • The door has a heat protection feature to prevent hurting users.
  • The fact that the dryer can hold up to 7kg of clothes makes it appropriate for small families and personal use.
  • If you have children who are usually curious, do not worry, they cannot change any settings on your dryer thanks to the child lock.
  • There is always a sound once the tool is done drying.
  • It usually buzzes to let you know the cycle has ended and you need to remove your clothes from the dryer.
  • Do not worry about how cooling occurs.
  • The machine automatically cools on its own.
  • Its vented nature helps with the cooling too.
  • The dryer is small enough ensuring it takes up less space.
  • This gives room for other laundry equipment.



  • It is elegant and stylish.
  • High quality equipment.
  • User friendly.
  • Versatile due to the 15 programs.
  • Saves on space.

The blomberg dryer works pretty well.

However, very few users have complaints about it, the most common being noise.

Blomberg DV17542 vented dryer is worth buying.

Its features make it ideal for those looking for a small dyer that is efficient and good at its job.

The one or two complaints should not bar you from acquiring this great device.

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